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11.02.2013, 10:51:11 via App

Hallo Nexus 4 Besitzer :)

da diese rom auf meinem DHD prima läuft, und man vom Nexus 7 auch nur gutes hört,
wollte ich euch mal diese aosp Rom (mit vielen tweaks) vorstellen.. :)

This is a team effort by all Team codefireX members listed below, as well as many other developers and users in the android community. The kernel is built from source inline with the ROM, and the KaMakoGeeBang kernel as seen HERE. It is non-oc due to how dangerous oc'ing these chips can be. Cpufreq is fully inline with AOSP's kernel/common, and it will be kept up to date. It has fast charge enabled by default, dynamic fsync enabled by default, a vdd sysfs interface, and uses FIOPS/Interactive by default.

[b][size=4]The codefireX team:[/size]
  • synergy(e) - lead dev
  • Mustaavalkosta - lead dev
  • Michyprima - dev
  • Pnoire - bug tester and french translator
  • Rdlgrmpf - contributor
  • BananaGranola - contributor

Unlike with some other JellyBean roms on this forum, I believe that all users should know exactly what is being built in/for the ROM. That is why all the repos I use and maintain are available for all to see and contribute to. The codefireX source links are above the download link. Please do not ask me to include any prebuilt or proprietary applications in this ROM; I will refuse, or ignore you entirely. Using proprietary or closed source applications/ROMs is and always will be a security concern I would rather not expose users to.

  • Click HERE for a full cfX settings feature flowchart by BananaGranola (thank you!)
  • NOT a re-named CM build
  • Based on AOSP master (not release) with regular AOSP master merges
  • Open Source as all AOSP ROMs deserve to be
  • Easily switch between a custom and "vanilla" experience in the settings app "on/off switch"
  • LOTS of customization options including quick settings
  • Built with a custom linaro based gcc4.7.3 toolchain, strict aliasing, -O3 completely (including thumb_cflags), and other Linaro optimizations such as OOM/LMK changes. JUST TRY TO FIND A FASTER SOURCE BUILT JELLYBEAN ROM!
  • Lots more but I'm boring myself already

The codefireX source[/size]
Official IRC Channel is #codefirex
My twitter
Download 4.2 builds
Download Gapps

  • DarkCow aka elliot.newnham for the great OP design
  • IOMonster
  • KozmikKick
  • Faux123
  • MDeejay
  • ShowP1984
  • Cayniarb
  • ToastCFH
  • Kali-
  • Intervigil
  • eXistZ
  • CodeAuroraForum
  • Bhanvidia
  • BananaGranola
  • DeamonFish
  • MisterSchapps
  • Kraizk
  • ALL Team Codefire members
  • Google
  • KushDeck
  • Aus_azn
  • BananaCakes
  • Contactwajeeh
  • Rafyvitto
  • dumpsta
  • cruzin_cruzin
  • zacgoesrawr
  • Zanzibar
  • crackajack
  • Zelendel
  • daspazz
  • jenkem110
  • Virtuous Team
  • Andromadus Team
  • CyanogenMod Team (all maintainers included)
  • anyone I forgot
Like my work? Feel free to buy me a beer for early morning dev HERE

ROM Changelog:

  • Mako: Fixed NFC app behavior
  • Mako: Updated fingerprint to 4.2.2 fingerprint from OTA (no new vendor props in the OTA)
  • Added back Play Store DPI Wizard options, but still using new DPI change method

  • Fully merged with AOSP 4.2.2 JDQ39 (are we first?)
  • Back to zlib development branch
  • Reverted power button fast torch temporarily to fix screen off problems
  • Navbar auto hide handle default set to 35%

  • Mako: globally optimized for cortex-a15 (this krait chip is closer to a15 than a9, and this yields a very slight performance improvement)
  • New DPI change method persists on new flashes, and doesn't affect Play Store
  • Added Quick Record tile (****ty images right now - longpress to record)
  • Interface: Buttons: Allow using torch on power longpress with screen off
  • Interface: General: Allow disabling low battery notifications
  • System : Performance : Memory Management: Add swap option for low ram devices with a swap partitioned sd card
  • zlib merged with upstream development branch
  • Now tracking CM-10.1 Browser
  • Now tracking CM-10.1 Calculator
  • Fixed keyboard sound preference behavior
  • Tons of misc fixes from the AOSP
  • Many other small fixes and optimizations
  • More translations from the kickass crowdin community <3

  • Fixed games (reverted a small zlib optimization)
  • Fixed strange bluetooth audio (reverted a bluedroid commit)
  • Since SR9, backuptool now works - no need to flash gapps if dirty flashing

  • Really fixed kernel stability

  • Built with cfX-Toolchain 4.7-2013.2
  • Keyboard bug really fixed
  • Lockscreen now uses stock behavior by default
  • Navigation bar auto-hide setting & qs tile
  • Lockscreen allows 7 targets on all devices
  • National data roaming fixed
  • Issue with ringtones missing fixed
  • A ****ton of new optimizations and code cleanups - check bitbucket if you want to see everything done
  • Mako: now building the custom kernel linked above inline
  • Mako: using more performance oriented mount flags

  • Updated to AOSP JOP40G (4.2.1_r1.2)
  • CM BT MAP changes reverted to fix message syncing on some devices

  • Mako: fixed data connection for some users

  • Mako: Temporarily reverted to stock prebuilt kernel

  • Mako: Building 3.4.28 KaMakoGeeBang kernel inline (check about above for info)
  • New Gapps thanks to BaNkS
  • Keyboard swipe bug fixed
  • Lockscreen custom shortcut ability added
  • Interface: Buttons: Headset button remapping
  • Display: ability to toggle crt on/off animations
  • LatinIME merged with CM
  • Telephony now local to fix Canadian VM notifications, group mms, and phone number display
  • TabletUI notification date display fixed
  • Added volume adjust sound preference
  • Favorite contact fc fixed
  • Misc other fixes (volume key music controls still not fully fixed)
  • More translations thanks to the great crowdin community

  • Welcoming a new developer, michyprima, to our team :)
  • "Login" issue fixed
  • Back button now closes notification shade
  • Switched to CM telephony, so now have national data roaming, etc.
  • Mms auto retrieval
  • PowerWidget available in CFXSettings -> Interface -> Status Bar -> Quick Settings
  • Expandable volume panel, quiet hours, and increasing ring vol in Settings -> Sound
  • CFXSettings -> Interface -> General: Vibration Multiplier
  • CFXSettings -> Interface -> Buttons: Volume suspend
  • CFXSettings -> Display: Separate sleep while plugged in
  • CFXSettings -> Interface -> Status Bar: Circle and percentage battery styles
  • Email: fix zip downloads, add CRAM-MD5 support for SMTP
  • webkit: webgl implemented w/ fixes & updates
  • More translations by the awesome crowdin community
  • tons of misc updates and fixes

  • Built with cfX-Toolchain 4.7-2013.1-1 (check toolchain changelog below for info)
  • New string routines from CAF with additional routines from Linaro. Benefit mem/fpu performance quite a lot
  • More translations and fixes by the wonderful crowdin community
  • Various FC fixes
  • I'm leaving MX Player broken opposed to reverting to the mr1 release icu4c (verified to "fix" mx player) due to available alternatives

  • CFXSettings: navbar FC fixed for non-TabletUI
  • Forgot to mention that since SR3, multi-user support is working on all devices for up to 8 users
  • More translations from the incredible crowdin community

  • Built with cfX-Toolchain 4.7-2013.1
  • Built with Graphite Optimizations enabled globally
  • Hot Reboot added in power menu
  • Updated to ICU4c 49.2
  • STLPort updated and merged with AOSP master
  • Performance improvement in DiskLruCache.readJournalLine()
  • Lots of other small optimizations
  • Lots of translations thanks to Pnoire and the entire crowdin community
  • CFXSettings: Display: Can choose between TabletUI (combined bar), PhabletUI, or PhoneUI at any DPI
  • CFXSettings: Display: Can disable compatibility mode for TabletUI
  • Add USB mass storage notification to tablet status bar
  • BT connections fixed for some car kits
  • Browser crashing fixed for some browsers
  • Hide lockscreen clock if DeskClock or Chronus is shown
  • Swipe on the bottom notification bar to switch between QS and Notifications
  • Camera: pulled in all CM10.1 additions
  • Camera: add touch-to-focus timeout duration settings
  • Camera: add volume button zoom controls
  • CFXSettings: fix app picker "white on white" bug
  • CFXSettings: Lockscreen: add carousel widget animation setting
  • CFXSettings: Interface: Navbar: add ability to change combined bar navbar width (for accomodating buttons better)
  • Settings: remove unmount/mount button until unmount
  • Settings: add button for new APNs now appears in the action bar (like wifi)
  • Settings: Add fastscroll to the manage application screen
  • Settings: Add wifi help url to fix the wifi help button
  • Settings: show cfX modversion

  • Ace: fixed gps and bluetooth (bluetooth audio still low quality).
  • Ace: kangbang 2.0 stable kernel
  • Interface: Status bar: Signal: cleaned and separated 6bar signal settings for radio and wifi
  • Interface: Lockscreen: add settings for CM's Chronus widget
  • Interface: Lockscreen: add setting to start lockscreen widgets maximized
  • Interface: Lockscreen: add setting to hide page hints shown at screen on
  • Theming: Add navbar and status bar transparency settings.
  • System: App Security: add sms limit setting
  • System Settings: Audio: add option to disable safe headset volume
  • System Settings: Security: configurable pattern dimensions
  • Contacts: Now theme chooser themable, fixes & translations
  • DeskClock: add option to hide alarm clock icon
  • Fixed phone and navbar center ring on non-standard DPI
  • Switched from keystore to binder
  • French translations by Pnoire
  • German translations by ©h®is
  • Slovak translations by brtani
  • Tons of fixes and updates

  • Now built with cfX-Toolchain 4.7-2012.12-2 - check toolchain changelog for info
  • Added volume key cursor control into CFXSettings -> Interface -> General (and organized a bit better)
  • Grouper: Mustaavalkosta fixed the SystemUI FC loop on QS toggle remove
  • Mako: now globally using -O3 for thumb_cflags (yields a significant performance increase). Thank you ctfrommn for testing.
  • Ace: updated kernel - will update the kernel thread shortly
  • Added a toggle navbar widget action for the navbar
  • Added a torch QS tile
  • Added toast message on back to kill
  • Added ability to have directional keys on navbar for text input
  • TONS of great french translations by Pnoire
  • Lots of misc fixes and updates by Mustavaalkosta and others :)

  • Perf improvement: Now built with cfX-Toolchain 4.7-2012.12 - check the new toolchain changelog for more info.
  • Added ability to disable fullscreen keyboard in CFXSettings -> Interface -> General
  • Added custom dateformat strings in CFXSettings -> Interface -> Status Bar -> Clock
  • QS: landscape issues half fixed
  • QS: Grouper: SysUI fc should now be fixed on tile remove
  • Fixed disable boot animation setting
  • Added expanded desktop option in CFXSettings -> Interface -> Power menu
  • Fixed TabUI and dual pane checkbox behavior
  • Smoother "spinner" animation in non-holo apps
  • Mms: now CM based with some forward ports (most seem prefer the cm implementations).
  • More French translations by Pnoire
  • Added battery bar layout for sw600dp (grouper). BUG: center-mirrored does not center-mirror it.
  • Tons of other misc fixes & updates

  • Fixed perms for CFXSettings -> System -> Performance settings

  • CFXSettings: the softkey category actually removes on unsupported devices
  • CFXSettings: Added Interface -> Buttons -> Key Rebinding for supported devices
  • Mako: removed the obscenely large minimum spanning distance (should fix many of the pinch to zoom and other multi touch complaints)
  • Added NavBar widget functionality as well as an option for navigation bar controls in power menu
  • Using the new app resolver again
  • CFXSettings: Mustaavalkosta fixed many issues such as bootanimation selection with CM file manager, and the custom navbar icon picker permissions...he is a truly a machine
  • CFXSettings: more FR translations courtesy of Pnoire
  • Implemented the brightness slider for statusbar sliding - will implement a way to disable in next release
  • Mustaavalkosta set the volume button music controls as off by default
  • New bootanimation by PYR06 is now used by default
  • Tons of other miscellaneous fixes and updates

  • Now fully built with a custom Linaro based gcc4.7.3 toolchain (major performance improvement)
  • CFXSettings: Mustaavalkosta fixed the QS enabled toggles FC
  • Mustaavalkosta fixed BLN for devices which have softkeys
  • Mako: had to revert to using the stock prebuilt kernel instead of source. No mako custom kernel source has been able to build with this toolchain yet. I *might* just end up working on my own kernel so I can do inline kernel building again.

  • Mako: fixed mobile data yet again

  • Tons of telephony commits from CM
  • Rebased frameworks/av
  • Ace: Clock text size lowered via overlays in what I'm considering a hack, not a fix.
  • Interface: Buttons: Rdlgrmpf added a new softkeys category with his Button Light Notification option
  • Interface: Buttons: moved the button light timeout from Display to this fragment
  • Interface: Status Bar: Signal: Mustaavalkosta added a six bar radio and wifi signal icon setting. The initial radio six bar code hails from evervolv, with the wifi signal icons being made by Youngunn2008, and Mustaavalkosta doing the necessary changes for sixbar wifi.
  • Interface: Recent Apps: Mustaavalkosta added a kill all button option.
  • PackageInstaller: Show current and new version in install dialog by MarcLandis
  • CFXSettings: more french translations by Pnoire
  • Settings: Allow user-installed apps to be disabled and force stopped
  • Misc fixes/updates

  • Reverted to stock app resolver - fixed wallpaper fc
  • frameworks/native fixes
  • frameworks/av fixes
  • CFXSettings: more translations by Pnoire

  • Fixed security related bugs
  • Libpng: VeNum optimizations (mostly neon)
  • Quick Settings: Added favorite contact tile
  • Phone: Advanced Phone Settings: Vibrate on Answer, Vibrate 60, Vibrate End and Vibrate on Call Waiting.
  • Phone: Settings: Landscape in call and exit to home
  • Mms: ThemeChooser support
  • Mms: Configurable quick reply
  • Mms: Emoji ported from CM9 w/ quick emoji
  • Mms: Sms split

  • Fixed all time issues - based more off aosp release branches now with previous master optimizations
  • Added lockscreen widget settings to interface -> lockscreen (allow all widgets/unlimited widgets)
  • Mustaavalkosta added custom hardware key backlight settings to Display (only devices with bl hardware keys)
  • Mustaavalkosta added recent apps memory display in Interface -> Recents
  • Added 2g and NFC tiles as options for Quick Settings
  • DeskClock: Added ability to add analog clock to lockscreen without all widgets enabled
  • DeskClock: Added ability to change digital clock widget colors
  • Added new app resolver by default - the chooser which is displayed for multiple apps of the same type
  • Pnoire and Mustaavalkosta added more French translations to CFXSettings & made more translatable
  • Tons of misc updates

  • Email: reverted clear all button commit to fix Email FC
  • Bugs: analog clock widget doesn't display properly

  • BIG release for optimizations, updates, and fixes
  • Fully merged with AOSP master (build ID OPENMASTER, version TONS OF UPDATES
  • Added Interface -> ThemePrefs with color pickers for navbar/status bar & a custom bootanimation install setting
  • Added ability to enable power menu user switcher in Interface -> Power Menu
  • CFXSettings French translations by pnoire
  • QuickSettings: GPS fixes
  • Clock: AM/PM fixes
  • Better battery led support
  • HTC Ace: updated kernel to v1.8 of KangBang-Kernel
  • HTC Ace: fixed Settings -> Storage FC
  • Jpeg neon optimizations
  • Newer bionic cortex-a9 optimized string routines than the linaro-android routines (from the string library)
  • ICU4 updated
  • Tons of SELINUX updates
  • Fixed init.d and ksm permissions/functionality
  • Email: Added "Mark All Messages Read" button
  • Email: Added Bluetooth PAN features
  • Email: added option to use/unuse the LED for notifications
  • Email: added security bypass for exchange
  • Email: added more refresh intervals
  • Better search icon
  • Better copy gtalk text functionality
  • tons of other **** you'll probably notice due to the aosp master merge ;). Didn't add status bar/navbar transparency due to a major performance hit even while disabled

  • Most of the new features don't yet conform to disabling CFXSettings - will be fixed in BR3
  • Moved hide adb notification setting to developer settings where it belongs (below adb checkbox)
  • Added configurable back to kill app & custom timeout in Interface -> Button Settings
  • Merged Maxxy13's squashed VoiceMail notification forwardports from CM7 for Canadian carriers
  • Added Interface -> Battery bar fragment and settings
  • Added Interface -> General -> Custom carrier label
  • Added Lockscreen text settings in Interface -> Lockscreen
  • Added Interface -> Navigation Bar fragment & settings (all cfx 4.1.2 settings here but transparency & navbar widgets)
  • Added Interface -> Status Bar -> Signal Settings with radio/wifi signal text & color options (as well as hide)
  • Added Interface -> Status Bar -> Clock Settings with clock style & color settings as well as notification clock actions
  • Added Interface -> Status Bar -> Quick settings with configurable quick settings.
  • Added longpress intent to settings in notification shade (now launches CFXSettings)
  • tons of other **** I'm forgetting, including some AOSP master merges ;)

  • Mako (nexus4) users should be good to go now :)
  • BT now works on some devices about half the time (seems to be an aosp bug...same error code as on nexus7).
  • Additional changes which benefit performance in testing
  • Should be quite bugfree except for the listed 'issues"
  • Merged with AOSP 4.2.1
  • Ported T9 Dialing
  • Added Phone Noise Suppression
  • Added ability to hide ADB notification in CFXSettings ->Interface -> Status Bar

  • Source built LatinIME keyboard gestures now work (with the proprietary google blob(thanks hdorious for your link))
  • Added a TabletUI toggle in CFXSettings (must use lowered DPI). It's the new 4.2 tabletUI same as on the N7, so google completely removed the "combined bar." in favor of a right and left notification pulldown.
  • Enabled the interface -> buttons settings in CFXSettings
  • Added T-Mobile ThemeChooser functionality.

  • Added a few battery icon styles, dual pane toggle, and disable bootanimation to CFXSettings - disable bootanim won't do anything until an animation is added. All CFXSettings except build.prop can be disabled through the switch still :)
  • Misc fixes/performance improvements...LatinIME *almost* has working gesture.

  • First release with CFXSettings (accessible through settings). This will get far more populated soon. To disable all non-aosp framework/settings changes, push the switch to "off" in the upper right of the app.
  • "December" issue is fixed.
  • Email app now being built with the ROM.
  • WiFi Tethering now works
  • Misc fixes

  • Su now building, so root is working
  • Location Services fixed
  • Performance improvements

  • Fixed webkit glitches (cpu upload)
  • Can copy gtalk text
  • Now has busybox build fixed. Still no working superuser.
  • Torch now building
  • Multi-user enabled for non-gapps users
  • Some touchscreen fixes
  • Lots more as expected this early in the game

Toolchain Changelog:

cfX-Toolchain 4.7-2013.2:
  • GCC merged with AOSP toolchain/gcc master

cfX-Toolchain 4.7-2013.1-1:
  • GCC updated to gcc-linaro-4.7-2013.01

cfX-Toolchain 4.7-2013.1:
  • Cloog updated to 0.18.0
  • Ppl updated to 1.0

cfX-Toolchain 4.7-2012.12-2:
  • Gdb updated to linaro-7.5-2012.12-1
  • Mpc updated to 1.0.1

cfX-Toolchain 4.7-2012.12:
  • Disabled simulator target and tui
  • Graphite enabled
  • Linaro gcc-4.7-2012.12
  • Linaro gdb 7.5-2012.09
  • Binutils 2.22
  • Gmp 5.0.5
  • Mpfr 3.1.1
  • Cloog 0.17.0
  • Mpc 1.0

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StayDirty ツ

Pixel 3a XL [10]

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⇨CodefireX⇦desire hd [4.2.2] RIP

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11.02.2013, 10:52:11 via App

viel spass damit.. :)

vielleicht hat die ja auch schon jmd drauf und kann berichten..?

— geändert am 11.02.2013, 10:52:25

StayDirty ツ

Pixel 3a XL [10]

Samsung Tab A 10.5 2018 [9]

⇨Dirty⇦nexus5x [8.1.0]

⇨Dirty⇦ nexus4 [5.0.2] RIP

⇨Dirty⇦ nexus7 (Flo) [6.0.1] RIP

⇨CodefireX⇦desire hd [4.2.2] RIP

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11.02.2013, 18:40:14 via App

Dann weiß ich ja was dein nächstes Smartphone wird :)

Die Warheit schmeckt gut wenn man den Bauch voller Lügen hat! ~Muhammad Ali~

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13.02.2013, 09:47:42 via App

bald wird es eine 4.2.2 gebe.. :)

...... in time for the new 4.2.2 cfX build that will be up soon. We were the first to release a custom 4.2.2 for mako (nexus 4), and about to be the first for Ace ;). Enjoy

StayDirty ツ

Pixel 3a XL [10]

Samsung Tab A 10.5 2018 [9]

⇨Dirty⇦nexus5x [8.1.0]

⇨Dirty⇦ nexus4 [5.0.2] RIP

⇨Dirty⇦ nexus7 (Flo) [6.0.1] RIP

⇨CodefireX⇦desire hd [4.2.2] RIP

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14.02.2013, 17:41:44 via Website

Hey Leute,

also nach dem Chris die Rom so gelobt hat, musste ich diese natürlich mal probieren. Jedoch lief die Rom nach einer Weile nicht mehr so gut. Beim wischen der Seiten läuft es nicht mehr so flüssig wie unter CM und Musik hören war mit Kopfhörern auch nicht möglich. Als ich die Lautstärke beim Musik hören hochdrehen wollte ist der jeweilige Player abgestürzt. Darunter Play Music und Apollo. Unter den Einstellungen konnte ich die die Lautstärke auch nicht aufdrehen. Jemand die gleichen Probleme?

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14.02.2013, 18:00:43 via App

Sorry falscher thread bitte löschen

— geändert am 14.02.2013, 18:01:24

Die Warheit schmeckt gut wenn man den Bauch voller Lügen hat! ~Muhammad Ali~

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14.02.2013, 20:51:30 via Website

Schon sehr Schade. Das nächste Update werde ich dann auch testen.
Ja, mit Wipe data, cache und dalvik cache. Sollte ja eigentlich reichen oder?