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02.07.2014, 15:19:55 via Website

This is one of our apps in which you need to kill all the insects running on your device's screen.

Easy right? Not really. The cockroaches run around your screen in each direction and they're really very fast.
And you have to watch out for ladybugs. When ladybug is killed, game is over.

During the game you collect points.
Download and check out how many points will you collect.

This game you can find on Google Play by WaaWee Developer.


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02.07.2014, 20:53:55 via Website

Hi Lid Ster,

since this is the German part of the AndroidPIT forum, a German description of your app is highly appreciated.

For our English forum I would recommend our site at

btw: here's the link to your app:


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