Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-I9001) - [KERNEL][3.4.106][LP][ION] K^Kernel 3.4.106 v4.5 for LP 5.0 [04/04/2015] für CM 12

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(danger) Gilt nur in Verbindung mit Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-I9001 + CyanogenMod 12.0 by ADC-Team) (danger)


(danger)Ich selber stellen keine Downloads bereit / Nur den Link zu den Original Post & Original Downloadseiten des Betreffenden Download(danger)

Auch Haftet Christopher83 und Ich nicht für Etwaiger Fehler oder Brick´s des Gerätes

•v4.5 - für ADC CM 12.0 und anderen Roms basierend auf CM 12.0 ADC-Team

Kernel Hauptfeatures:
- Kernel 3.4.x
- Kernel based on more updated kk_2.7-stable branch of CAF (Code Aurora Forum)
- Sources synched with cm-12.0 repo branch of DevCon Team
- Built with my custom Linaro 4.9.3-2015.03 toolchain optimized for Cortex-A8
- Built with Cortex-A8 and NEON VFP optimization flags (both kernel and modules)
- Built with -O3 optimization flag (both kernel and modules)
- CPU overclockable up to 1824 MHz
- CPU frequencies undervolted (UV version) or extremely undervolted (EXUV version)
- CPU voltage control VDD sys interface (click for more details)
- Dynamic memory allocation of ION heaps through CMA (Contiguous Memory Allocator)
- Dynamic memory allocation of PMEM ADSP heap through CMA (Contiguous Memory Allocator)
- Approximately 426MB of free RAM
- Init.d support
- Fast Charge support (default disabled, click for more details)
- Battery Life eXtender support (default disabled, click for more details)
- Ram Console support (click for more details)
- Backlight Notification v10 (BLNv10) (click for more details)
- USB OTG support (if also implemented on rom side)
- Customizable vibration intensity (click for more details)
- Lowered display panel voltage
- Lowered touchscreen voltage
- Lowered wifi voltage
- Lowered swappiness (60 -> 45)
- Increased CPU frequency during boot
- Optimized AES and SHA1 routines for ARM cpu architecture
- Fixed 100% battery notification after charger unplug
- Increased audio volume on board side
- Con Kolivas' CK3 Tweaks
- Optimized SLUB memory allocator
- Optimized ARM RWSEM (read/write semaphore) algorithm
- Optimized asynchronous I/O latency on solid state disks
- Disabled Gentle Fair Sleepers for better UI performance
- CIFS support on boot
- Memory compaction
- Dynamic compression of clean pagecache pages
- New display drivers from Samsung Galaxy SII
- Updated light sensor driver and display driver light sensor changes
- Updated sensor drivers
- Phantom key presses filter (click for more details)
- Dynamic FSync v1.2 (click for more details)
- Dynamic dirty page writebacks (click for more details)
- VM tweaks for performance and less battery consumption
- Customizable timeout for touchkeys backlight after a key press or touchscreen press (click for more details)
- Customizable activation status of touchkeys backlight on touchscreen press (click for more details)
- Timer slack controller (click for more details)
- Dynamic management of the minimal timer slack value during suspend/resume (click for more details)
- LowMemoryKiller management of not killable processes (click for more details)
- F2FS and exFAT support
- Additional TCP Congestion algorithms
- Updated ZRam, ZSMalloc, ZCache built-in modules

Auswählbare CPU Governor:
- Adaptive
- BrazilianWax
- Conservative
- Hyper
- Intellidemand
- Interactive
- InteractiveX
- LionHeart
- LulzActive
- OnDemand (default)
- OnDemandX
- Performance
- Powersave
- SmartAssV2

Auswählbare I/O Schedulers:
- Deadline
- Fiops
- Noop
- ROW (default)
- V(R)

Bekannte Probleme:
nichts bekannt

Wie Installiert man den Kernel:

1) Download die File auf den internen Speicher oder die Externe SD-Karte
2) Rebootet ins TWRP Recovery
3) Flash die Kernel .zip File
4) Rebootet ins System

k^Kernel Downloads für LP ION+PMEM ADSP:

K^Kernel LP-5.0 v4.5 Mediafire Folder


•v4.5 - für ADC CM 12.0 und anderen Roms basierend auf CM 12.0 ADC-Team
Note: You must use the TWRP recovery with new partition assignments you may find inside ADC CM 12.0 thread

[FAQ] Governors & Schedulers

Original Thread (Englisch):

K^Kernel von Christopher83

Source Code:

Kernel Special Features: Customized kernel 3.4.x for LP 5.0 rom (CM 12.0 and derivatives) with ION memory allocations

Version Information
*Status:* Stable
Current Stable Version: v4.5
Stable Release Date: 2015-04-04

Created 2014-12-31
Last Updated 2015-04-04

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