Sehr gutes Rom:Team Venom presents: viperX 1.0.0 - The most innovative Sense Rom ever!

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05.07.2012, 20:41:32 via Website


da ich es hier noch nicht gesehen habe und allgemein wenig los ist stell ich das rom mal kurz vor:

If you didn't flash the rom will regret it. It's the most featured and most innovative semse rom out here on the HTC One X forums.

Some user comments:

I have been pretty silent on the the 'ROM Scene' as of late, but I feel obligated to say that this ROM is BAD ASS!!!
If you are a doubter or have been faithful to any other chefs ROMs...
...This is the ROM that is worth jumping ship and worth giving a test drive. Since I flashed, I have not had a desire to flash back or the desire to flash another ROM!

The latest 4.1.0 version has been perfect to me and beyonds my expectations! Before ur rom I have tried ARHD LEEDROID and many other local roms, none has given me the “wow, it's amazing, how he did it” feelings.

But I told my self to read a little here in ONE X Section to see how the development and theming are going for this new device...
And I saw this Thread and I have to say one thing:
That is what I call REAL DEVELOPMENT...
Not just taking a stock rom and add/remove some things....
These guys here have made your life really easy and beautiful...
These guys Rock...
It's one the best development Thread in all xda...

WOW best rom I have ever had on any of my many devices!!
Sorry I don't have anything more constructive to say but I felt that I better say something.

the tweaks are unique, u will never find that on any other HOX Rom out there

You my friend have outdone yourself. I don't need nothing more. This Rom is amazing.

This rom takes customization to a different level! I am very much impressed!

Really big thanks to you guys, you all really push the HOX custom ROM to a whole new level. It shouldn't be just one step, but should be few steps ahead. Never imagine you can customize Sense in such a new way

Based on Android 4.0.4 - 2.05.401.2
Deodexed & Zipaligned SDK r20
SuperSU v0.92 - credits Chainfire
Persistent ADB enabled
Init.d support
Memory optimizations
Ramdisk Tweaks
Venom Tweaks - HUGE collection of customizable tweaks
Venom HUB! - download themes/read news/send feedbacks directly from your phone
Venom OTA! - recieve automatic viper rom updates
Extended Quicksettings
Advanced Power Menu
CM statusbar brighntess mod
Disabled dtm and fast dormacy, possible battery drainers
Added secure and blocklist folders to message app
All Market apps Updated to latest
Latest hosts file (Adaway)
Choose between Apex or Nova launcher in desense
Custom Venom Package Installer
Custom Venom Download UI


Rearrange and hide Quicksettings
Quick quicksetting
Statusbar theming support - theme each icon individually!
Hide specific notifications icons
Battery Tweaks with MIUI Battery bar!
choose customclock color
center/hide clock
hide am/pm
custom app for clock/weather click on Sense Clock widget
Carrier logo for statusbar
Replace the HSDPA icon with one of you choice. H+/4G/LTE...
choose transparancy or background for notifications pulldown
CM brighntess control
Hide date from notifications pulldown
Customize your carrier label
- custom app on pressing carrierlabel
- custom carrier caption
- show carrier icon
- show cpu info or other stuff on carrierlabel
- hide settings icon
- run custom app when pressing settings icon
choose between AOSP and Sense Recent apps dialog

Rosie Launcher:

Ultra/smooth Rosie toggles
Enable unlock animation
Enable landscape rosie
Enable infinitive looping on Home
Transparent navbar
Disable wallpaper scrolling
Choose icon packs for Rosie - Works also for most ADW Icon Packs!
Increase rows/colums in app drawer to 5x6 and 7x3
Use custom background image in the app drawer
Disable cube animation when swyping in app drawer from all over frequent to downloads tab


Custom 3 finger swype gestures! Remap 3 finger swype up/down right/left to 8 custom action or a custom app of your choice
Different capacitive backlight options to control when the leds shall turn off
Remap longpress home: Menu, Recent apps, HTC Speak, Custom app
Remap longpress menu: APM, Recent apps, HTC Speak, Custom app
Remap longpress back: Close app, recent apps, htc speak, Custom app
Longpress home on lockscreen toggles flashlight
Toggle for 3 dot soft menu
Toggle arrow on HTC IME Keyboard


ICS AOSP Lockscreen
Toggle to immediatly unlock aosp lockscreen on incoming call
custom carrier lockscreen text
Hide time on lockscreen
Hide apm/pm on lockscreen
Hide date on lockscreen
Hide operator on lockscreen
Custom shortcuts, independent from Sense shortcuts
Choose back/home/menu to unlock
Slide 2 unlock: swype from back to menu key to unlock yor device
Volume wake toggle
Media control
Media control option: choose pause/play or skip track backwards
Map longpress home on lockscreen to toggle flashlight or call camera


Access hidden phone menu
Access network mode
One X hammer[/B]
10 Different overscroll colors
Different Autobrightess arrays and manual setting of each sensor value
Hide different items on the APM
Mms screen on
Exchange mail mod toggle
Custom HTC Car app
Fast dormacy toggle
Disable HTC SmartSync
Disable bootsound
Gameloft compatibility toggle
Gameloft market compatibility toggle

Advanced Tweaks:

Mount system rw/ro
Wipe cache/dalvik
Fix permissions
zipalign apks


Q: Whats the md5 sum thing?
A: It ensures, that the rom is downloaded correctly and completly to avoid weird issues when installing/using the rom. Google for "md5 sum checker" and you should find what you need.

Q: My phone stucks on HTC splash screen
A: "fastboot erase cache" in fastboot and flash the boot.img or use the boot.img flasher provided here.

Q: Whats the boot.img. Why we need to flash it?
A: The boot.img is the kernel and have to be flashed if you want your rom running well. HTC Dev Unlock doesnt allow to install the kernel directly when installing the rom in recovery, thats why you need to install in manually.

Q: I found a theme or mod, will it work on this rom?
A: It's NOT recommended to use mod/themes that dont clearly state, that they are compatible with our rom. Thems/Mods always use framework files which will brake mods/stuff in our rom.

Q: My question is not listed here, what to do?
A: Ensure you used the xda search, google and your brain before asking a question in the thread. If you cant find an answer yourself we will answer your question for sure! (-:
Q: Whats the Ultra/smooth rosie?
A: Your HTC Widgets got some kind of 3D effect which may make your Rosie laggy. You can see that 3D effect clearly on the HTC 4x4 Weather widget.

Smooth: Flattens all widgets besides the one you start scrolling
Ultra: Flattens all widgets for best performance

Q: Why does my swype2unlock doesn work?
A: Seems you mix up sweep2wake from shows bricked kernel with swype2unlock

sweep2wake is kernel related and makes it possibel to turn screen off and on by swyping your finger from back to menu key.

swype2unlock isnt a kernel feature. it makes it possible to unlock your lockscreen intead of moving the ring by sliding your finger from back to menu button and NOT to wake your device and put int into sleep.

Q: The cube effect isn't working on the app drawer
A: The cube effect just appears when you swype from the all over the frequent to the download tab.

Q: Volume wake isnt working after some time when the device is in deep sleep.
A: This is a kernel issue, no way I can fix it in the rom.

Q: I have problems ending a call, problems with lags when making a call.
A: Some users reported that its related to the fine/finest volume tweak. Set it to normal to fix your issue.

Q: I need someone repackaging a kernel
A: Kernels dont need to be repacked for our rom. We dont have ramdisk tweaks. So you are able to flash the kenrel straight from the kernel devs thread.

Q: I have problems ending a call, problems with lags when making a call, or low volume issues.
A: Some users reported that its related to the fine/finest volume tweak. Set it to normal to fix your issue.

Q: I have no data/phone connection after flashing the rom?
A: In the aroma installer please select custom installation and check the box which says: "Change to original GSM/WCDMA Mode for network"

Q: What are the correct sizes for the App drawer and notfication pulldown background?
A: Try 720x1280.

Q: What are the correct sizes for custom carrier logo?
A: Try 100x100

Q: Will there be CRT On/OFF support in the next release?
A: NOT possible, because HTC changes some required code in their libs, that makes it impossible.

Q: Several HTC Widgets are missing - can't add them to my homescreen.
A: Settings->apps->all apps: choose htc sense and clear data.


Team PkMn is now Team Venom.
Our aim was to look more professional, we also reorganized our team
and got a bunch of new team members

Charmelon -> viperX 1.0.0

Based on Android 4.0.4 - 2.05.401.2
Red Venom theme
Introduced Venom Hub
Introduced Venom OTA
Statusbar theminig support: statusbaricons + battery + Quicksettings icons
Rosie icons theming support - applies also on Lockscreen
Hide shortcut labels on lockscreen
Customizable lockscreen shortcuts(you can choose auto or manual mapping)
Rotatable lockscreen(toggable in tweaks: portrait/landscape or automatic)
Added manuall hex input for clock color, battery % and miui bar
Added custom app for clock/weather click on Sense Clock widget
Added haptic feedback on long press settings button
Fully rewrited android package installer
Fully rewrited android downloads ui
Fixed background htc ime showing squares in the background
One X hammer feature - best mod ever
Toggle for exchange mail mod
HTC SmartSync toggle(Fixes Wifi Sleep)
Added toggle for gameloft compatibility in the market
Disable wallpaper scrolling
custom app on pressing carrierlabel
run custom app when pressing settings icon

Hide/rearrange apps directly in the app drawer

ich habs seit einer woche drauf und mit dem francokernel rennt es wie sau:-),und die tweaks sind einzigartig,bisher auf dem one x unerreicht!


The 1.0.1 version is available over our ota feature: Settings->Info->Software Update: Check for updates
(if you are not getting the OTa somehow you ca download it here:

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05.07.2012, 21:19:32 via Website

hab ich schon probiert, ist mir aber zu überladen.
es wäre noch hinzuzufügen, dass das die "alte" Pokemon Rom ist.

iPhone 5s iPad Mini

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06.07.2012, 12:29:29 via Website

Ich nutz es seit 5 Tagen und bin bis jetzt total begeistert ... mit dem neuen Faux004b4 kernel einfach klasse :D

[PHONE] HTC ONE X white [ROM] Viper X 3.4.3 PRO - Sense 4+ JellyBean [HBOOT] 1.39 [Kernel] XM #283 -maxwen grovernor- [Radio] 5.1204.162.29 [Recovery] TWRP recovery

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08.07.2012, 05:44:28 via Website

hi,ich hatte es mehrere tage mit dem franco k am laufen finde aber mit dem stock-kernel ist das accuverhalten besser;ansonsten top rom!!



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17.10.2012, 14:34:44 via App

beste Rom was es gibt
doch ein Problem habe ich und zwar kann ich den Kalender mit Google nicht syncen kommt immer ein Fehler das Google Kalender geschlossen wird .
Daten löschen habe ich schon alles versucht geht einfach.nicht vielleicht hat ja wer einen Tipp für mich
LG rob

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17.10.2012, 21:00:26 via Website

Nutze ich auch seit gestern und definitiv überladen, da es viele Tweaks gibt, die man nicht wirklich braucht.
Zudem sind die Benchmarks bei einer Stock ROM besser als der von Viper.


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17.10.2012, 21:23:54 via App

Benjamin G.

Zudem sind die Benchmarks bei einer Stock ROM besser als der von Viper.

aber nicht mit faux123 Kernel

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17.10.2012, 21:30:12 via Website

Das kann ich Dir nicht sagen, kannst Du mir bitte sagen, wo ich den her bekomme und wie ich den installiere ?;)

LG & Danke

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17.10.2012, 22:05:46 via Website


die ganze datei auf dein handy kopieren und am pc einmal entzippen wegen der boot.img
wie man die boot.img flasht weist du ja nehm ich an ;)
aber hier nochmals
1. download the above file (via phone directly or to a PC)
2. copy the downloaded zip file to /sdcard/download/
3. extract boot.img from the zip file to a location of your choice ON YOUR PC
4. open up a command window (Windows) or shell terminal (Linux/Mac)
5. connect USB cable to the phone
6. type "adb reboot bootloader"
[fastboot mode]
7. type "fastboot flash boot boot.img"
8. Once fastboot flash is completed, disconnect the USB cable
9. Select hboot using volume buttons on the phone
[recovery mode]
10. Select recovery
11. go to /sdcard/download and select the downloaded zip file and let it run its script.
12. Once the script is done, select "reboot system now"
ich persönlich habe mir diese all in one tool fürs htc one x runter geladen ist perfekt
aber geht natürlich mit jedem anderen tool genauso
mit quADRANT BENCHMARK kam ich auf knappe 6000 also 5927 oder so viel spass
ps. dieser kernel schaltet bei venom tweaks mehrer sachen frei unter cpu einstellung und auch bei lock enable sweep 2 wake
sollte dich diese rom weiter interessieren
hier nachlesen
lg rob

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17.10.2012, 22:32:01 via Website

Error: Device not found.


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17.10.2012, 23:16:35 via App

am Handy nur laden und USB debugging anmachen dann muss der pc das Handy finden
und im Ordner Kernel von all in One Paket das Boot.img reinkopieren

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17.10.2012, 23:20:53 via Website

Würde ich ja gerne machen, aber er bleibt beim booten stehen und geht in die Bootschleife...


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17.10.2012, 23:24:40 via App

achso sorry den affengriff machen aus und volume down danach auf recovery und die ZIP installieren also die endeavouru_faux_123.ZIP

danach normal reboot system und sollte wieder gehen der.Ofen

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17.10.2012, 23:36:54 via Website

okay soweit so gut, habe den Kernel nun über das One in all Paket geflashed und alles erfolgreich, jedoch wird mir dieser als nicht installiert angezeigt und der alte ist noch sichtbar.

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17.10.2012, 23:42:16 via App

ok mach Benchmarks Test ganz ehrlich ich weiß nicht was.beim Kernel stehen sollte die ZIP hast du installiert ?

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18.10.2012, 12:42:26 via Website

Das boot.img hast du aber schon aus der zip gezogen und mit fastboot flash boot boot.img separat geflasht?

[PHONE] HTC ONE X white [ROM] Viper X 3.4.3 PRO - Sense 4+ JellyBean [HBOOT] 1.39 [Kernel] XM #283 -maxwen grovernor- [Radio] 5.1204.162.29 [Recovery] TWRP recovery

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