Medion LifeTab - S8312 system files

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16.03.2015, 23:50:00 via Website

Hey girls and guys,

I was a little bit too enthusiastic when I got my new S8312 ... I applied the necessary system update, rooted it and deleted some "important" system files ... YAY ...
The tab has some stock-battery issues which can be solved by a second update ... However, this update checks if all files are still here ... So I'm getting the error that the "PartnerBookmarksProvider.apk" (and .odex) are missing ...

Could someone with a S8312 please send me these two files (It doesn't matter if you already applied the 2nd update, this app stays unchanged after the update) ...

Thank you very much!

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17.03.2015, 06:28:36 via Website

hi Stefan,

Welcome to our forum :)

Since this is a German forum a German translation of your question would be highly appreciated.
Otherwise I would recommend our English forum at

Viele Grüße,

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