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06.09.2021, 23:22:22 via Website

Probably the wrong forum, but unfortunately I didn't find a better one.
Hi folks - Please help me, please -
Out of clumsiness or stupidity a huge mishap happened to me. I accidentally deleted my whole music folder. On the phone, not the SD card!
As you know, hope dies last, so I still have a tiny little bit.
Is there any way to salvage it?
Preferably the entire folder structure.
When all files wildly mixed up and possibly incomplete it is of no use to me.
And to make it even worse, a PC is available to me only at the weekend.
But I know that this is a prerequisite. Also USB debugging on.
But which program is the best for this scenario?
Or is there another way?
And how do I protect the data from being overwritten?
Cell phone off, not possible (I need it).
Uninstalling WhatsApp and Signal is also not possible.
Is there a way to deactivate them and Mail programs as well temporarily?
Questions about questions!
Further information I give gladly, but now enough for now. Thanks for now,

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06.09.2021, 23:42:37 via Website

Hi Arne,
First of all I am no expert on this topic. But I managed to recover some images some years ago, so it is possible in theory. To maximize success, you should minimize writing operations of data on your storage. If you can live with it, turn off WiFi and mobile Data to prevent updates or receiving media from messengers. Write operations could overwrite the old data. You could also revoke permission of some apps to receive or send data.

You could try recovering the data by mounting your Smartphone as external storage using the data recovery tool of windows 10. You use the tool with commands, here is the German info site:

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Badum tzz.

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