[Root] How to root Xiaomi Note 8 pro

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05.01.2020, 08:49:27 via Website

I want root my phone,which model is Note 8 pro. I try to root my phone,but i can't.
anyone here? who can helps me to how can i root my android device and which apk is good for root?
now,i was try with Kingroot,( I download it from google)

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05.01.2020, 08:53:23 via Website

i was also facing this problem. can u share with me which app you used to root your device,then i can Suggest you something.

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05.01.2020, 09:01:15 via Website


My device is Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro and Root App i was install that is Kingroot. I download kingroot Via use google search.
Can you suggest me Original Apk from where i can download?
Thanks In Advance


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05.01.2020, 09:16:23 via Website

Yes, I can Suggest you best Android apps Store. where you can find many original android Apps.

If you interest to download Kingroot Apk original file You can Download Kingroot Apk
From here you can download Kingo root apk also. and they provide also tutorial in there website.
You can search Androidblue on google, then you can go their website and you will found Kingroot Apk

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