Probleme beim Zeitzonenwechsel

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18.06.2023, 19:36:02 via Website

Nach China-Geschäftsreise stellt sich meine Smartwatch nicht mehr automatisch auf MEZ ein ?
Bitte um Lösung

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18.06.2023, 19:53:36 via Website

Hast du in China etwas an der Zeitzone geändert?

— geändert am 18.06.2023, 19:54:13


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19.06.2023, 03:38:48 via Website

If your smartwatch is no longer automatically adjusting to Central European Time (CET) after a business trip to China, the most likely cause is that the time zone on your watch was manually changed while you were in China and was not changed back to the correct time zone when you returned home. To fix this issue, follow these steps:
1. Go to the settings on your smartwatch.
2. Look for the time and date settings and select them.
3. Check the time zone setting and make sure it is set to your correct time zone, which should be Central European Time (CET) if you are in that region.
4. If the time zone is not set correctly, select the correct time zone from the list of options.
5. Once you have selected the correct time zone, your smartwatch should automatically adjust the time to the correct time for your location.
If your smartwatch still does not adjust to the correct time zone after following these steps, you may need to reset the watch to its factory settings or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

After a business trip to China, my smartwatch no longer automatically
adjusts to CET? Please for solution.