😳 I wanna root with ADB 😳

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25.05.2020, 22:35:42 via Website

Is there a way to make ADB working without an administrative account?
I would like to root a phone, but I only have my work computer and I am just an ordinary user.
Phone: Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)
OSs: Android 7.1.1 / Windows 10
USB (Windows): Standard (Phone gets recognized and mounted as storage)
Samsung Kies: Nope
ADB: 30.0.1 (from XDA-Devolopers
USB-Debugging: on

I thought, ADB was a portable application, so it could be run by any standard user, right?
I would be extremely thankful if you could give me any tips on whether and if so, how the phone can be rooted under these conditions.
If you need further information, do not hesitate, I will be happy to provide it!
Thanks a lot

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26.05.2020, 04:45:51 via Website

You need Odin to root a Samsung device. The ADB/Fastboot tools are useless because Samsung does not provide any fastboot interface.
Furthermore I'm afraid you won't be able to install Odin on your work computer due to missing admin rights.

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26.05.2020, 21:34:24 via Website


Have you the Option? To boot a Linux from USB or a Other system because if yes,you can boot Boot a live Linux Image and have Admin Access (on the live Linux)
And then you can try to Install Odin If the Option ist possible,and Root your Phone
If you doesnt have the Option to make Linux ISO you can make this with this App

Reply if you have questions

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26.05.2020, 21:37:09 via App

Sorry, this is a german Forum.

Look here:

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