Mobiwol: Firewall ohne Root

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21.01.2013, 14:23:48 via Website

Habe diese Firewall gefunden die keine ROOT Rechte benötigt.
Mobiwol: Firewall ohne Root:

Am Anfang war ich ein wenig skeptisch wegen den Rechten habe aber vom Kundendienst die nötigen Antworten erhalten.

Auf meinem Nexus 4 funktioniert die App super.

So könnt ihr die Logs in der Benachrichtigungsleiste deaktivieren: Einstellungen/apps/mobiwol/benachrichtigungen deaktivieren!
Viel Spaß beim testen.

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21.01.2013, 14:28:52 via Website

Hier noch der E-Mail Verlauf mit dem Support:

why does this App need precise GPS information?
Would be great to have a paid APP with a minimum of permissions.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for checking out our app and taking the time to contact us!

The location related permissions are included to allow us to effectively target customers for focused communications, features, etc. We aren't actively looking at our users locations, so you have nothing to worry about on that front.

Happy to answer any other questions you have.
The NetSpark/Mobiwol Team

Thank you for the quick answer.
Would a approximate location not be enough? (Or just the ip-Location)
Some more Question ;-):
Does the virtual vpn effect the battery life (more CPU usage) or the connection speed? (All app connections go through this vpn, even if i don't want to block the app or?).
Could it be that a App which is blocked, retries every time and so drains a lot of energy (or does it get a status like there is no internet connection now)?
best regards

Hi Martin,
We are looking at different ways to achieve the location detection and if we find we don't need a permission it will be removed in our next version update.

The "VPN connection" is actually completely superficial. We open the VPN package to make use of some tools included within it that allow us to sniff traffic, however no actual vpn is established and no data is touched in any way.

There should be no impact to your apps' performance because of our app being in place, and from my own experience I haven't seen any battery consumption issues, but maybe that is something that is experienced differently across different phone models/versions of Android.

I will look into your last question (how blocked apps are handled) and get back to you once I receive an answer.
The NetSpark/Mobiwol Team

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29.10.2013, 13:42:37 via Website

Intressanter Artikel zu Mobiwol


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20.12.2013, 13:51:22 via Website

und bei kuketz gibt es auch den Hinweis (und eine Analyse) einer anderen Firewall ohne Root ...

da ich ein zu neues Mitglied bin, kann ich den Link hier nicht posten, also selber suchen im kuketz-blog

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